Healthy Inspiration: January Healthy Eats

 I'm trying to get back on the groove after the holidays, birthday treats and other celebrations. I felt that Christmas indulges is not over yet until the end of my birth month ;p (plus the tikoy and hopia bec of Chinese New Year)

Some of my meals are still my old favorites and here are some of the photos I managed to take for the past days

Salad lunches


Bokchoy or Pechay sauteed in Olive oil + garlic bits

Boiled bokckoy, carrots and ginger

Black Rice 

Turmeric Lugaw w/ Bokchoy and garlic bits


fruit smoothies

It is now a struggle to wake up in the morning as it's super cold! Sometimes I just want to have a hot coffee and a toasted bread. Most of the time I prepare my turmeric lugaw with eggs or chicken. I will also try to prepare healthy soups this coming days of Feb.

Stay healthy!


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