Valentines Day: Seoul Garden, Robocop, BreadStory

I prepared breakfast for mike - toasted rye bread, rye pancakes, hotdogs and egg. The sugar cookies are from my niece's party giveaways, pangdisplay lang ;p

For the rye pancakes, I used rye flour, olive oil and coco sugar only. My first batch failed - I followed a recipe online complete with eggs and baking soda but it failed, they were bitter and not edible T_T So I just made my own recipe ;p
me: ok lang ba ung rye pancakes?
mike: ay pancake ba ito???
Later that night we were at Galleria, we dropped by first at Saizen to buy some stuffs. I found some Vday related items 

 We chanced again BreadStory 's Buy1Take1 :)

We didn't check the movie sched, turned out only 1 cinema  is for Robocop and screening time was 10PM, it was  only 8PM  :/

We decided to dine at Seoul Garden Hotpot located at Galleria's 4th Level
(originally we just planned to have a takeout from BK or Mcdo while watching as we assumed there'll be early screening time)

Refillable Appetizers

We had a chicken hotpot with rice (Php278 + sc) which is already good for two. We were asked if we like a kimchi or ramen, I chose the latter. It has Enoki mushroom, veggies and very soft chicken meat. 

Complimentary Wine
We still have time so we used my BDJ coupon at Coffee Bean, Buy 1 Take 1 Tea latte. 
I ordered Green Tea and Morrocan Mint Tea, hmmm we love mint tea but this one didn't appeal to us 

Matcha and morrocan mint

Then movie time. As usual, I love fighting/battle scenes of all sorts.
I also like the first person camera view (my fave scene), feels like a game. I don't  have any issues with violent scenes but I always prefer "wholesome" movies. So a little loveydovey scene here made me cringe. But overall, I find the movie awesome :D

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