Healthy Inspiration: April Healthy Eats

Some photos of my April eats:

avocado, lettuce. cucumber, flaxseeds

snacked on strawberries

Pan fried salmon

Weekend mornings with Tinapa :)

Instead of rice, sweet potato or kamote with omelet :)

My current favorite - pineapple! 
perfect to eat on its own or add it to any veggie stir fry for some summery food taste.
I usually added it on adobong kangkong or adobong sitaw ;p

 I seldom eat tofu nowadays but when I feel like it, we just go to Dr. Tam to buy our organic tofu.
I tried preparing it Scramble style with Turmeric powder, onion and bellpeppers

Or just fry it plain as a sidedish to my morning omelet :)

Soy flour pancakes taste weird ;p

 My love for bread and coffee in the morning also continues.

And there were lot of days that greens or my usual bland foods does not appeal to me. Swimming activities made my appetite spiked up and I craved for tasty foods. It also made my arms and legs muscle painful that I'm too tired to prepare food.

There were days that I felt my healthy food intake was not enough so I decided to take supplements.
I got some B vitamins and spirulina from my aunt who bought it from Healing Galing.
I also bought Ultra Mega Women Green supplements from GNC when it was on sale.
I hope to blog these supplements in detail.

I was also able to buy Dr. Tam's Live Green on sale last holy week, I already blogged it here

Still, nothing beats intake of real healthy foods.
 I don't take my supplements every single day, only when I feel I need to.
Fact: I keep track of the food I ate every single day so I know if I haven't eat enough healthy food :)

PS: What are the foods you crave for summer? What supplements do you take? 

Stay healthy!


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