Sunday at Divisoria

 Next month of June, we're going to attend 2 weddings (I will be a bridesmaid again in one of the wedding:)) , we went to Divi today to buy M's pang-abay outfit.  I remember the last time we went shopping in Divi was 2009 pa.

 We parked at Lucky Chinatown Mall at around 9:30, walked around (mall was still closed) then we ate an early lunch in Sincerity at around 10.

We ordered these huge Siomai (P80 for 5pcs) super sulit!, Garlic Rice (P70-large bowl) and their famous Sincerity Fried Chicken (P150-half).

 It looks like an ordinary fried chicken but Wow it is really something. The breading is not thick but still very crunchy and the meat is soft and juicy. It is well seasoned that it is already good  to eat without sauce.

This is our first time to dine at Sincerity and we finally understand why their fried chicken is famous :) 

Then we headed to Tabora St where we bought M's Barong, Vest, White Polo, Necktie - all for less than 1K :) We also bought other cheap finds along Ylaya St. before heading back to Lucky Chinatown mall. It was already hot and crowded along the streets so we decided to go home since we already bought what we needed. 

My cheap finds: 3 for Php100 Slippers (bec. snowbell destroyed all my indoor slippers)

and this printed leggings for Php75

We decided to have a cup of milk tea before leaving the mall  at around 12 noon :)

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