Human Nature Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick in Coral Charm

When we went to Human Nature concept store in Pasig a few weeks ago, I grabbed some of their new products - sunblock and this new colorcreme lipstick (Php295)

I haven't changed my lipstick ever since I discovered that their sweet nectar shade suits me very well.
I noticed that the corals or pinkish nude shade looks great on me.

100% Natural :)

Bottom - "Coral Charm" LipCreme,  Up - "Sweet Nectar" Lipstick
They look almost the same but a closer look at the coral charm seems it is more pinkish.

The coverage is amazing, even though I have pigmented lips the color still shows and no need for a lip concealer. It also glides smoothly and has a shiny/glossy finish, makes my lips look soft and moisturized.  aylabit! 

This is the same lipstick I used at my friend's wedding and this is now my new everyday lipstick :)


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