Swimming Lesson at Swimplus Phil. Amateur Club

As a preparation for my first ever beach visit, I enrolled at Swimplus (Ultra venue) with M (It took me time to persuade him!) We both don't have formal lessons in swimming. I know how to swim with flutter kick then mga ilang dipa lang tatayo na ;p

We bought some of our swimming stuffs at SM Hypermarket (Sun and Sand/Sassa rashguards), Greenhills (Stoked Inc rashguards) and Speedo for goggles.

Day 1, M easily learned how to do the flutter kick with head out and there I am wondering how he did it
Our schedule was 2-4 PM every Sunday. 2 Hours seems like forever.

Day 2 and Day 3: We were taught how to do the breaststroke and backfloat

Day 4: Switch stroke - breaststroke to backfloat to breaststroke, where I failed (I don't know why I can't float) so I was transferred to Day 3 students, magaling pa yung mga bata sakin :/

Another funny scene was when we were told to try it sa malalim, when it was my turn, I'm so scared and told them "hindi ko pa po talaga kaya" kahit todo pilit ang coach at encourage pa ng encourage ang mga klasmeyts

I'm so nervous as our last session approaches. We practiced at our clubhouse pool for 2 days for about 1-2 hours each day

Day 5:  We were taught how to dive, freestyle and dolphin breaststroke.

Diving = tuloy tuloy ako sa kailaliman at natouch ko na ung floor, kinabahan ako ng bonggang bongga, tinulungan naman ako ni coach tumaas 

We were also asked to swim 50 meters of breaststroke, and of course 1/4 lang ang ata kinaya ko but infairness kaya ko na sa malalim. yehey!

Finally, we finished our sessions! I learned my limitations, I'm still a bit scared  bec. I easily get tired so I need more practice to be able to swim 50 meters or 1 lap. Let's say I gained about 70% confidence in water :)) On the other hand, Mike easily learned everything and adik na ata siya magswimming ;p

Thank you Swimplus!

*all photos are from Swimplus facebook page 
Swimplus Phil. Amateur Club

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