Labor Day Date: Swensens, Spidey Movie, Kebabers

We treated ourselves to Swensens ice cream at Eastwood Mall before watching the movie.
I ordered the chocolate hot fudge and green tea flavors while Coffee Mocha Almond for M.
I thought I can't finish 2 scoops of ice cream, it seems I can eat about 4-6 scoops ;p

Chocolate hot fudge

Green Tea

Just perfect for summer :)

Lookie meron din silang HaloHalo sundae! 

Then amazing spidey movie time ;p

Well, what I can say is that it would be super amazing if without the torrid kisses :/
Every character performances were good and my fave would be Harry Osborn who really acts well as kontrabida. There were scenes that made me teary eyed and Spoiler : I'm quite happy that they let Gwen died here and didn't prolong the story. The way she died was also a very good scene and makes sense as compared to original story in the comics.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Kebabers at Eastwood Citywalk2, I had chicken shawarma and beef kebab for him. hmmm it taste like you're eating canned Maling lang :/

I remember that we're not able to wait until the end of credits as we hurried up to the comfort room na ;p 
We just thought of searching it on youtube afterwards. But we stayed until the mid credit where they only showed the trailer of X-Men, which we are also looking forward to watch. 
And oh the Maleficient trailer looks great, we might watch that too. 
Lots of movies for this month!


  1. Green tea ice cream prehas b yan sa family mart na 25 lng hihi

    1. di ko pa natitikman yung sa family mart, baka same nga lang :)



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