Movie Dates: Xmen, Edge of Tomorrow, How to Train your Dragon

X-Men: Days of the Future Past
X-Men Days of Future Past poster.jpg

We watched this in Galleria after having a free Greenwich chicken dinner (thanks to BPI promo) ;p

So we got to see Wolverine once again and the younger version of Professor X and Magneto :)))
Michael Fassbender is my favorite here and also Blink, the asian gal with the somewhat portal power.
This movie was surprisingly good bec. some of the previous XMen were really off for me. Maybe any movie that has something to do with time and space looks cool. And why is that future world is always depicted with chaos? ;p Anyhow, the movie was really enjoyable esp with some funny slo-mo at the start and then it gave us a thrilling ride and drama towards the end. 

I have read some reviews prior to watching this that they don't like it in 3D. Well, for me 3D is only fit for animated movies. In some live action movie we saw, some view or characters appear too small or become too far in view so watching in 3D is no longer an option. 

Edge of Tomorrow

Why watch? It's a Tom Cruise film! We may miss Angelina Jolie's Maleficent (we'll just watch it in Netflix or Google Play) but a sci-fi Tom Cruise film must not be missed!
I did not watch the trailer nor read the synopsis, and I have a not so high expectation bec. I'm not very fond of Emily Blunt so imagine my surprise that this turned out to be a wholesome and brilliant movie.
Basically, it has the same concept in Jake Gyllenhaal's Source Code movie only that this one has glamorous CGI effects and involved some out of this world creatures. We were also able to witness Cruise's character that begin with a normal person, scaredy cat, not combat trained and a clueless guy for a change.

We were able to get 20% discount ticket from Ensogo, P180 instead of P220 sumtin. We were surprised that Megamall cinemas are now good. There are "lazy boy"-like seats in front of the cinema we went in! (Cinema5) Cool!

How to Train your Dragon 2 

We watched this one in Gateway bec we have some errands there. We bought tickets first, just a few minutes passed after we're there the line was already long (Independence Day holiday). We killed some time in the newly opened Uniqlo, we picked up some items but let go bec the line was just too long that it may take us more than 2 hours just to queue. We just then bought some foods from BK for our movie food.

This is one of our much awaited movie for this year. The first movie way back 2010 was just light for my heart but this one made me crylalooo!! I'm really emotional when it comes to pets, whether it is a mythical creature or not. 

Thumbs up for this movie, Now we want to read the book.

For our next movie trip, we are looking forward to see The Raid 2 next week! :)))

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