Rommel and Len's Wedding

 My bff Len's wedding, we 've known each other since elementary :))))
We were at the reception at around 8am, I'm one of her bridesmaids and we needed to have our hair and makeup done early. I'm like seriously? 2PM pa ang kasal

@ Cafe Ignacia

HMUA: Joseph of JOREMS


Flowers by Serge Igonia

ganda ng flowers :)))

bridesmaid bouquet

Church: San Pedro Apostle Parish

Reception at Cafe Ignacia San Vicente, San Pedro Laguna


I only ate 1 bread since 8AM , it was around 5PM when we were in the reception so I went for a take 2 ;p

This is one of the emotional weddings that we attended, the bride and her parents were crying at the church during her walk. At the reception, her father delivered a speech while crying too, and of course when someone is crying, my eyes cry on its own...

Best Wishes to the newly wed and congrats :)))

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