White Rock Beach Subic

1st time @ Subic!

I am Mike's +1 in his work's teambuilding activity ;p
We left at around 6AM from Laguna (we need to leave Snowbell) and reached our destination by 10AM, almost 3.5 hours less the total of 30mins stopovers for coffee, gas and restroom.

Our room, we were told that all reserved rooms are good for 4 which means we have many pillows, blanket  and towels :)
This room is located in the main bldg, ok naman xa but no windows. 

Toiletries - shampoo and soap only, no toothpaste

card key :))

After checking in, we applied sunblock and went out to strolled a bit.
It was burning hot out there we decided to swim at night or early next day.

This part with white sand is elevated at around 3 feet and then when you go down the sand is already gray.

OOTD: I bought this printed dress from St Francis Square.
Cute print!

You can buy souvenirs inside

Our meal stub

Lunch buffet

After lunch we stayed in our room and watched 47Ronin (maganda in fairness) while waiting for their activity. 
I am expecting that they will have a line-up of activities for their team building so I kept bugging mike to
go out and check their schedule. After forcing him to call their HR, he was told that they don't have activity at all - free for all daw ;)))) But of course, I still urged him to go out with his colleagues, they played billiards, table tennis and also went swimming. I joined their swimming after dinner. We got tired and slept early around 10.

As for their food, the lunch was ok but the dinner and brekkie hmmm some were bland and not very tasty.
We even need to use the table salt :/ Pero ok na rin :))

Dinner buffet

Breakfast Buffet

Accdg to their website, our room cost P8600 with buffet meals included, cable TV, free newspaper, they have WIFI but only in the lobby area.

The next day, we went swimming after breakfast. We didn't bring our phones with us so I don't have photos of the waterpark. -_- 

We went at the beach first and  tried the kayak for... 10mins? hehehe I'm scared kc lolz 
We also tried the Giant wave pool  and the heated pool. 
thanks Gary for this photo :)))



  1. i could feel the dilemma of leaving your furbaby behind :(
    anyhow, i haven't been to subic for the loooongest time. glad you're now enjoying the beach :)

  2. and we also need to go home quickly nowadays for Snowbell ;)
    I still need practice ng swimming bec i'm still a bit scared if malalim ang tubig ;p



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