Fridate: Izumi Curry, Guardians of the Galaxy

 Happy Friday!

We went to Podium to watch Guardians of the Galaxy :) 
I was not very excited to watch this because the trailer was very lame. 
We just feel obliged because it's a "Marvel" film. I was then surprised when M told me that it has good reviews.  

And yes, we enjoyed it very much! It was funny, witty and best of all -wholesome! There were also bits of emotional scene or is it just me who cried lolz 
In short, pampawala siya ng stress :) 
And also, we keep on playing the soundtrack ;p

We used our ePlus card, we need to reload it soon because there are lots of movies to watch for this month :)

Before that, we dined again at Izumi Curry.
M was not in the mood for spicy food so he just ordered the Chicken tonkatsu.
I am feeling sleepy that time and I thought eating a lot of rice will make me feel more tired so I just ordered salad and then we shared an order of Gyoza.

simple and good :)

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