Healthy Inspiration: May to July Healthy Eats

My last healthy inspiration post was last April so this post is a rewind from May to July

Champorado with Almond milk

 the milk tastes a bit weird because it has a mix of coconut

Bangus Tinapa, from SM grocery

Tortang Talong

Kamote and omelet is a really good combination

My usual meals:

Black rice , Boiled Sayote and Carrots





Tinola for rainy days

Simple Salads

Avocado Shake

But because of the weather, I stopped preparing fruit shakes recently...

Bellpepper Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

Almonds, Dark Chocolate and Apple combos for afternoon treats ^_^
(This is my last bar of dark chocolate from Subic, we only bought 3 bars, should have both 12 ;p)

It is really helpful for me to document my eats for inspiration later on and to assess what I ate. Comparing this to my previous healthy inspiration post, I have few fruit intake and my salads looks like rabbit food. And I also observed that the weather affects my mood for food, my approach is just listen to my body and keep looking for healthy alternatives :)

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  1. i also bought bangus tinapa from sm supermarket and found it bland for my taste, kulang un pagka-smoked nya and payat un bangus. :( i'll try next the century brand.



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