Kyochon at Megamall

Original Wings (Php149)   Garlic Butter Rice (P50)

Grilled Chicken Salad (P160)

Blueberry dressing

Plum Sparkling Tea (P70)

We finally tried Kyochon last Friday. It took us a while before we got seated and then they were not very organized in determining who comes first. One group got ahead of us :(

Anywayz, a friend told me their chicken is better than Bonchon.
And I agree, the wings were flavorful and crunchy!  However, Bonchon is more sulit.
It says in the menu small plate of Wings = 5pcs. We thought 5 pcs of wings, but it's only 2.5 wings.

My grilled chicken was also flavorful, smokey but a bit salty. The Blueberry dressing does not go well with it good thing I didn't pour it all.

Maybe next time we'll just order their chicken for takeout and then eat unlimited rice at home ;p

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