Movie: The Expendables, Rurouni Kenshin

The 3rd installment of The Expendables!!!
Hello my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger ;p

To be honest I like the 2nd movie which I blogged here 2 years ago pa pala yun.
Maybe if the new female recruit is the likes of Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil) or Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), it would have been better. This one also has a lot of drama or more like "emote" scenes. And there were lots of explosions involved.
Nevertheless, Arnold Schwarzenegger lines are still funny, Banderas got a funny character and the story line is somehow good. ok na rin.


Finally a sequel of Rurouni Kenshin! 2012 pa pala yung last that I blogged here 
And I was amazed again by how good they rendered the fighting movements of Kenshin. It looked fast yet you can still see the details. Amazing!
The only scene I don't like were Kaoru's scene, I'm really annoyed by her character ever since! lolz affected much!

This is only the Part 1 and yeah it was super duper bitin.
I can stay in the cinema to watch even if it takes 6 hours ;p
But the good news is that the Part 2 will be showing this September! how cool is that!

Part 2: Rurouni Kenshin, the Legend Ends (September 24)  \^.^/

excited much!


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