Happy Birthday Lil Bro

A simple celebration at home for lil bro :))

Would you believe it is the first time I bought a box of JCo? (hirap kasi bumili, lagi mahaba pila)

The only one I like:
Avocado DiCaprio

His ninang's homemade puto :))

my message for you lil bro, in mala -desiderata style..

*Take care of your body while you are still young*
* Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you have to buy it*
* Live simply*
*Turn off the TV*
*Read inspirational books*
*Be faithful to the one you choose to be with*
*Make good memories*
* Listen to your Big Sis, she already walked the path you are taking * ;p

I'll add more on your next birthday! ~^.^~

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