Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

When I wrote the Part 1 here, Part 2 seems a long wait!

Well, I still have a hangover from last night. What an epic trilogy, I remember why I love Japan, for bringing us brilliant animes and live actions. :)

The story deviated  from the original but I appreciate and was satisfied by the movie adaptation.
The nostalgia that this movie brings hit me big time.  When I was in HS,  I can't wait for my class to end and I'm excited to go home to watch it on TV. I even try to memorized the anime song by just listening to it lolz.

Takeru Sato portrayed Kenshin perfectly and his acting - flawless. As if he's an anime character that was brought into life. And I think that alone is the reason why the legions of die hard fans accepted the movie and embraced the new story interpretation. So it doesn't matter if Shishio and Sanosuke are chubby ;p

The action scenes are still breathtaking. As if I haven't seen them in the 1st and 2nd movie. I'll never get tired watching their sword fighting style. It looks natural and not exaggerated.

While M doesn't like the battle between the main characters vs Shishio, I appreciate the lesson that it wanted to share with us. 

 I'm happy that I did not feel Kaoru's annoying character in the third installment. I almost squeal for the two of them when the movie ends. ;p

And the soundtrack Hiten plays infinitely in my head!

Have a great weekend!


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