Recent Eats: Aveneto, Napoleones, Sbarro, Happy Pao

 One time, I was craving for pesto pasta, I can't think of any resto in Megamall aside from Aveneto located at Megamall A G/F. We ordered again their plain pesto and also a pepperoni pizza.
It is not as stellar as their seafood pesto but it somehow satisfy my cravings for pesto :)

Aveneto Plain Nut Pesto - Php200

Double Pepperoni Php85

I love this huge frame on their wall. Can you spot Arnie? hehehe

When we watched Rurouni Kenshin at Galleria, we first dined at Sbarro and ordered our faveTomato Sauce and Pepperoni pizza. Why they don't have pesto?

When we don't want to be adventurous we order the same dishes over and over again

Now onto something new, we also tried Roli's Napoleones for the first time, I bought it as a pasalubong when we went home in Laguna.

Hmmm the sugar glazed topping and custard filling are way too sweet for my taste.

We also tried Chowking's cutie Happy Pao :)

Chocolate Panda Pao

Asado Piggy Pao 

Ang kyut!

Look at that, oozing with Choco!

I wish they come up with another 1 character to fit their 3 pcs for takeout.


  1. my baby niece would definitely love that happy pao, it's soooo cute!



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