First Time at Mercato Centrale

Finally! Some booths that started here already has stores and yet we haven't been to Mercato!

 Lechon tortilla below cost Php150
As Mike said it taste ok but not worth the price. (Mike is becoming a harsh critic!)

I've read a lot of reviews about Mercato  and just like other blogs' reviews,  I prepared myself already for 'overrated' reviews so I don't expect much. 

I remember a blog describing how good Angus Beef Tapa Lady.
Because bf wants someting breakfasty, I suggested it.
From the looks, the beef cut is similar to Yoshinoya's Beef Gyudon.

Mike said  it taste like Yoshinoya's Gyudon indeed.
He is used to that taste already so this is not surprising.
 Regular Php120 (other choices are Korean and Spicy which cost Php150)

And then we looked for drinks. There are fruit shakes, softdrinks and milk tea.
I love the milk tea we ordered from Ping Cha =D
Just the right sweetness. Thumbs up!

Ping Cha Original Milk Tea 22 oz. for Php75

I also bought oatmeal cookies from Misispi Php110/box (after magpaikot ikot ng matagal)
It is packed in elegant red box with ribbon, ideal for Christmas gifts ;)

Actually there are lots of stalls that sells baked goodies  or holiday food gifts ;)


  1. try Manila Q's bagwang & Johnny Steams Burgers.. Mochiko is to die for too! :D

  2. hmmm im curious na for Mochiko :)



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