Peri Peri Chicken Megamall with Jen

Catching up with bff Jen! 
It's been a year since we last met. After she shopped at Kultura where she bought a shirt for me (thankuuu!), she treated me at Peri-Peri for lunch. (mwahugs! )

After a year, she still looks the same. We still look young! ^_^
She looks blooming =D I'm happy for you gurl!

I didn't notice if the service is fast or not as we are busy chatting with each other ;p

Salad at Php175 if I remember it correctly XD

Peri Peri 1/4 Chicken Lemon & Garlic Php105 (looks like El pollo loco)

Peri peri Gambas at Php195, the garlicky sauce is goood!

Pichur pichur sa restroom lolz

Peri-peri Chicken
SM Megamall 3rdfloor Atrium

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