New Year 2012

Every year my relatives spend their holidays with us. They start cooking early in the morning. 

Our  Media Noche table

My two brothers ridiculously drove to Batangas for fresh seafood.

For the first time, Tita Rema cooked this rice cake delicacy which is really really good.
media noche

They also prepared Arroz valenciana, another version of paella
arroz valenciana

Macaroni salad
macaroni salad

Spent the day like this

my old study table now belongs to my youngest bro. I usually stay at the sofa but it was their videoke day.

i just went out if I'm hungry hahaha which is every hour ;p
Another reason to go outside, our cutie puppy! He started to walk! =D

Watched fireworks

i'm wearing rrj shirt (mom's christmas gift) and bracelet i've won from http://layeredvintageluxe.blogspot.com, ^_^

Thank God for all 2011 blessings!
Happy New Year! =D

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