Jewel's Ube Hopia

I love ube! I'm so happy there's ube macapuno in our ref last Christmas weekend.
But but but I'm eating a lot of sweets and I also find the ube uber sweet!
So baking some hopia cross my mind harharhar!

I baked my first hopia 2years ago, thanks to http://kusinanimanang.blogspot.com for  detailed steps ;)
This time, I just relied on what I remember haha! I did not make a perfect shape, as long as there's ube filling, I'm happy. =D

Because there's only flour+water, the result:

Mike said it looks like Siomai! 
Oh yeah it looks like fried dumplings hahaha!

My first hopia 2 years ago pictures below with monggo filling, somewhat close .... ;p

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