Mesa at Megamall

Finally! I thought we can't still dine here because once again we need to wait (3rd in line). (Our first attempt last week, we're 10th in line. :o)  But there's one vacant table outside that no one likes to avail hehe.

I am curious for their Laing Two Ways 
When it is served, it reminds me of how my parents cook Laing.
My father's laing is like this one, no sabaw ;p (same with his adobo, paksiw, dinuguan, etc)

My Mom's laing on the other hand is like the other one =D She will always the one to complain why my father cooks everything without sabaw LOLz

Php150 The laing is already good for 2

Garlic rice 1 cup Php35

Overall, I love their Laing, exactly how my parents cook it, yummy! =D 
It took quite a while for them to serve orders though. We forgot that mall hours are not extended anymore so we have no time to go to Cyberzone to buy bf's phone case, our main reason why we're in Megamall. (oh I'll blog his new windows phone (ftw!) soon =))

First dine out of the year, awesome! 

Mesa, Filipino Moderne
Level 2 Atrium SM Megamall

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