Sbarro's Mushroom and Spinach Pizza, and Chatime at Megamall

How's weekend?

Woke up early last Sat for work, mike picked me up afterwards for dinner treat  :)

I'm craving for Sbarro's Spaghetti in Tomato sauce, (we consumed it immediately ;p )
and then we tried their Mushroom and Spinach Pizza
somehow a guiltless dinner 

And then, I've heard Chatime is now open at Megamall Bldg A (previous location of GoNuts Donuts)
 their place is cute and chic with violet and pink chairs

as always, it would be mike's fave - pearl milk tea 

We just stayed at home for Sunday, I still continue to work (but I'm not complaining :) habit actually) and then watched One Piece, internet was kinda slow so we also watched 3 episodes of Deadly Women  while having our meal/snack time, it's a documentary film/case. :)


  1. It is so great to have pizza and pearl milk tea together. Somewhat perfect combination for a great snack or even a healthy lunch idea for a busy person.

  2. i'll try that pizza.. i often order white cheese or pepperoni :) I love chatime's taro red bean or taiwan mango qq.



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