Weekend: Massage, MaDeCa, TooCute

Saturday, we started the day with a 75 min. soothing massage at Mont Albo Spa, Ortigas branch. M purchased a deal at metrodeal for the two of us :)   It was a 60 minutes Whole Body Swedish and 15-minute Eastern Foot massage. 

While M make it a habit to have a monthly massage, I prefer having a massage at the comfort of our house and just ask my aunt, so I can ask her where to focus. Her 1hour back massage is still bitin for me! So imagine how I wish that mont albo massage focus only on my back. But then, I would say that their therapist is good and skillful, I requested for a hard massage and she was able to find the lamig on my everyday-aching-back and focus more on that. :))))

"Sir ano pong pressure? moderate/hard?"
"him: moderate"

"Ma'am ano pong pressure?moderate/hard?"
"Me: hard" :))

Then for lunch, we headed to Podium and tried MaDeCa, a mexican and pinoy fusion.
I love their chips and the tomato salsa goes very well with it and with the chicken in soft tacos which was very tasty too but difficult to eat because the sauce tends to drip. If only the beef in salpicao burritto is soft then we'll keep coming back for it. Maybe we can try their fish burrito next time. 

At night, we watched some episodes of Animal Planet: TooCute about puppies and kitties :)

The next day was spent in Laguna :) Julia's litter now at 4 weeks old. These 3 puppies are extremely cute, fluffy and so adorable!
Too Cute!


  1. wow! you have new puppies again, i'm so envy.
    our big b is currently in heat but i don't want her pregnant again, it may not be too healthy for her.

  2. puppies are really super cute, it's our julia's first litter, yung isa yung gusto ko mastop, every year nangaganak, and yeah not healthy for her :I



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