Escape Plan, Brasas, Sebastians

I had a tiring, busy but productive week. The last quarter of the year will always be the busiest. Must recharge during weekends (starting Friday) ;p

We dined again at Brasas Podium, ordered Beef Wrap (P290) and Patacones (P160).  Both were very tasty but I think I'll stick to their Salads where the grilled meat are more flavorful and the serving is generous.

Patacones - crispy plantain chips topped with pulled pork, tomato salsa and cheese.

While we still have time we tried another ice cream flavor at Sebastian's. We tried their Sapin-Sapin.
It has some bits of those biko toppings. (forgot what they called). It tasted like eating your childhood dirty ice cream with all flavors mixed. 

And then we headed to cinema. My favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger weee! partnered with Stallone and we have a brilliant prison break movie.

Action fans rejoice!

Super like the movie! I love that the story is a combination of thriller, action, may kurot sa puso, plus a sense of humor. It still has a feel of their old action films especially when they show off the skills they are known for. I will never get tired of Arnie going to the choppa with a big gun!

 I can't wait to see them again in Expendables 3.  

Hope y'all recharge this weekend ;)


  1. hmmm...those patacones sounds interesting and you really love brasas that way because you're visiting once a week :D

  2. mas ok pa rin yung last namin orders, esp the beef salad, patacones serving is small



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