Weekend: SM Aura, Yakitori One

We decided to do our grocery at SM Aura, (first time) ;p

It was a bit traffic on our way there because of baranggay election campaign :I

The good thing about their supermarket is that they include aisle of organic products :)

But what I like here is that there are few people and no long queue \^_^/ or maybe because that was only 12ish. And Healthy Options is just nearby too

We had our lunch at Yakitori One. Rice topped with seaweed P48, Miso Soup P30, Yakitori sticks at P50 each (chicken thigh, chicken with onion leeks, chicken garlic)
We like the chicken thigh which is very soft and juiciest among the three. 

We also decided to check out the Sky Park. 

We passed by Human Nature on our way home and had a milk tea at Tea101 just beside HHN store :D



  1. i love sm aura's supermarket too, it's not just spacious it's well-stocked with goodies I love!



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