Batangas Pasalubong

Aside from what we bought from Cafeñowe also bought Tablea and Kape Barako from San Juan Pasalubong Center which is I think about 1 KM  away from the municipal hall of San Juan. 

This shop sells lambanog, panucha, coffee, tableas, keychains, TShirts, handicrafts and other sorts of pasalubong.

Kape Barako (php140), Both tablea w/ or w/o sugar (php100) 

The tablea packaging is not very appealing to me but the taste is ok. We had it for 3 mornings already :)

We also stopped by Cafe De Lipa in Petron STAR tollway. 

It has a different packaging compared to the mall or I don't know if they completely changed it already. I thought the price is lower too but it's almost the same at P170 (If I remember it correctly supermarket price is P175) so we just bought 2 packs only. If the price is lower as I imagined then we would've probably hoarded ;p

So this is the final post from our Batangas trip :) We love to go back again. It is really nice to pause and breath with nature sometimes and then feeling recharge and ready again for the busy city life.

PS: Where do you usually buy pasalubong from Batangas?

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