Lent 2014

How's your  looong weekend?

I was able to eat some of my favorite foods while staying in Laguna: Veggies, Ginataan Bilobilo, Laing, Champorado, Pancit ...

I also bought some  fish hotdog in the supermarket, in fairness it taste like hotdog naman

Snowbell stayed in M's house so someone was happy to have my attention  =)

 Last Friday, we watched the traditional Siete Palabras (7 Last Words) on TV and the movie Son of God.

 At the beginning of the movie, it feels like watching some modern movie because of great effects and powerful soundtrack that I immediately googled when it has been shown, I'm not aware that this was released only Feb of this year.

I am surprised actually that this turned out to be a very good , inspirational movie adaptation.

They portrayed the image of Jesus that I imagined when I read the bible who looks very, very kind.
Even the scene in the temple where He overturned the table of the money changers and vendors - He doesn't look furious or extremely angry. In other movie adaptations, they portrayed this scene with madness.

This movie also has their own interpretation of other scenes in the bible but I would say it is well thought of and it gave me a wider understanding of those scenes.

If you haven't watched this, I guaranteed that it will make you glued to your seat from start to end even you already know how the story will unfold. =)

Checkout the trailer:


  1. Buti ka pa ako nian nasa work :( bilo bilo is love

  2. we travel up north during the holy with our big B, we had fun at the beach and we ate to our heart's content...parang hindi holy week (hehehe). glad you enjoyed yours with the fur babies in tow!



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