Beach Wedding at Kota Keluarga, Laiya Batangas

First Time - to be a bridesmaid and to go to the beach \^_^/

The venue is approximately 3 Hours drive from Manila, or less (if we didn't get lost somewhere in Lipa City...) After we turned right from San Juan municipal hall, we needed to stop to pay P20/Tourist.

Then Kota Keluarga is approx. 15KM or around 20 mins drive.  My bff Jen's wedding was held at Klub Keluarga which is approx 10mins away from Kota Keluarga's entrance because  3/4 of the way is a dirt road.

This view gives me goosebumps but at the same time I am excited, our swimming lesson gave me at least 25% confidence lolz

 We stayed in the shade as it is extremely hot that noon.  
The sand looks white pero brown siya in real life. I'm dreaming of having a house in this residential resort. :)

my bouquet

 NOTD (GirlStuff nail polish)

with my silver wristlet from GKonomics 
and a simple makeup by yours truly (reading my friend Jes (MakeupLove) blog helps a lot)

I'm so girlalooo that day, with flower crown effect

I'm so happy for my college bff Jen, we got all teary eyed with their vows (good thing I didn't put on a mascara)
lovely wedding!

During the wedding, nagsshooting pala ang Dyesebel dun sa paanan ng hill

Congrats to jen&alex! 


  1. You looked wonderful! I love the simple yet striking look that you did! :)

  2. Thank you Jessa, i need practice pa :)

  3. i haven't been to a beach wedding, pangarap ko yan :)
    i hope some of my unmarried cousins will consider one soon so we can walk barefoot and party in the sands.

    p.s. you pose and shape like a mermaid on that solo photo in the sand. mermaid na may umbrella :)

  4. @january honga no sakto yung hangin ;p



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