Batangas Trip: Cafeño

I spotted this cafe on our way to Laiya, I suggested to M that we'll have our lunch here on our way back. It is located just a few meters away from municipal hall of San Juan.

No parking space, just park on the side

M's Batangas Tapa w/ Barako Shot (Php145) 

I tried their suman tamales w/ kapeng barako (Php90)

The suman is bland so you need to pour the coconut syrup. Surprisingly, we didn't find the barako coffee strong nor bitter. The batangas tapa taste like beef steak (somewhat).

We bought: Coffee Bun (na lasang uber sweet monay) (Php60), Panucha(Php40), CacaoBalls(Php120)

Cafeño is a quaint, home and a bit pricey but decent place to satisfy your Batangas food curiosity :)

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