La Luz Beach Resort

We booked La Luz initially as it is the original venue before it was changed to Klub Keluarga. It still fine with us because Laluz is only 10 mins away from the venue.

After a few hi and hellos to the couple and fitting my dress (I just texted them my measurement), off we went to La Luz to check in.


P1250 per head is required for the meal buffet package (lunch, snacks, dinner, breakfast) but I requested if we can only pay for 2 meals(lunch,breakfast) and they agreed. So we only paid P700/head yey!

It was around lunch time when we arrived so they ushered us to the dining hall.

Our room, I love the native look (feel mo na malayo ka sa kabihasnan

 That's a bamboo speaker on the side table. And in fairness, they have wifi. (btw, wala phone signal sa kota keluarga)

We left the wedding at around 7PM. We bought toothpaste at the nearby store in Laluz (it was not provided pala) then fell asleep as early as 9PM.

A good 8 hours sleep! the next day we immediately went out at around 6AM and mr. sun was already out.

Then time for breakfast (7-9:30AM). I'm so full I was not able to try everything.

Then time for reviewing what we learned from our swimming lesson! We just stayed in the waist-level area. Just 4-5 meters away from the shore the water is already deep. 
yung outfit eh kala mo ang gagaling lumangoy!

going home outfit

we enjoyed our mini vacation :)

Laluz Accomodation - Php3490.00 (booked via Agoda)
Food = Php1400 (2 person, lunch and breakfast) 

(approx 1.5 hours from Lipa City)


  1. i love la luz because their location remains serene kaya lang i don't like the beach in that area of san juan. ang lalim kase agad ng tubig even near the shoreline.

  2. agree super ok sa laluz at affordable pa, and oo nga ang lalim agad takot tuloy ako haha



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