Brasas Podium

The first time I ate here (lunch treat) I've tried their Chicken Salad(P190) with Lime Cilantro dressing and Chicken Wrap (Php250). I love that tangy dressing! It goes very well with lettuce, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes.

 The charcoal grilled chicken in salad and wrap were so flavorful :)

We went back last Friday, long queue because it was lunch time. Luckily we still managed to get a table :)

This time Beef Salad (P230) with Lime Cilantro dressing. It was so good! Juicy, tender and very tasty beef!

And Chicken wrap again, bec I wanted M to taste it. Maybe because the beef was very tasty, I can't taste the chicken wrap or maybe I poured a lot of their yummy chipotle. ;p

 Cheese or Chipotle sauce can be added in your wrap. But I think Chipotle alone is already good :)

Small dining space inside but there are larger tables outside

We will definitely go back here to taste their beef wrap :) 


  1. matagal ko na gusto kumain dito sa brasas.. hindi lang matuloy kasi wala ako kasama hahahaha ^_^

  2. you can try it first and influence your friends afterwards ;p

  3. i love that big serving of salad and price is affordable, kaya lang i don't normally go ortigas area esp on weekends :(

  4. try brasas beef salad, gora na sa ortigas lapit lang hehe



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