Weekend: Elysium, Lingnam

We've been waiting for this movie when we learned that it will be directed by  Neil Blomkap = who also directed "District 9", one of the unforgettable movies I've seen.

As for the Elysium, I already prepared myself for 'stressful' impact it will have, fortunately for me it was not as stressful as District 9 where I already wanted to pause the movie just to breathe. Neil Blomkap must really like those scenes where the lead actor seems hopeless.

Elysium has stunning CGI, fast paced and no unnecessary love scenes yehey! Though as you reflect on it afterwards there will be a lot of questions (well, in all sci-fi movie, I think).

My movie food. Mcdo Shake2x Fries ;p
I did not use all the sour and cream powder, just a half of it was already salty.

And then Sunday, we had our lunch at LingNam, Frontera Verde, near FunRanch after doing our grocery. I remember Ms January feature it many times in her blog post, or else we will end up again in Kanzhu :)

I had beef noodle soup and m ordered beef rice. If I remember both were priced at P150+ each.

Noodle Soup! Noodle Soup!


  1. i can live eating noodle soup everyday! how do you find LingNam? :)

  2. i think i didnt finish writing this post, haha, i blogged this in customer lounge while waiting for car repairs ;p, i love anything noodle soup so lingnam is just right but I should've ask for calamansi to make it more drooling

    1. i normally put some chili garlic on it to add flavors naman :)



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