Healthy Inspiration: Organic Produce

I haven't gone a big switch to organic. I choose organic for those veggies that can be eaten raw or with their skin. Limited choices in supermarkets but at least they are available :)


For meat/poultry, grass-fed/organic/free range assured us that these products are not genetically modified and free from hormones. 

After N long years, I finally bought a chicken. I am not very strict now in what I eat, but still trying to be wise and to strike a balance  :)  But I do still get paranoid when I'm the one who purchase. 

Available at SM Hypermarket price starts at P200+

Organic produce are a bit pricey but it gives you a peace of mind knowing that they are toxin-free and pesticide -free :)

I just shared this post to let others know that these products are not hard to find.  As I say I haven't gone a big switch to organics veggies/fruits. Some are hard to find like apples, so I need to peel it. For other produce, we can just wash them thoroughly. :)

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