Recent Eats: Longganisa Sorpresa, Aysee

I know there are a lot of food establishments to try at kapitolyo yet we haven't tried any of them, O_o
so this will be the first of our kapitolyo food trip fridate :)

My breakfast lover bf suggested to try Longganisa Sorpresa

Nakakasorpresa ang serving size! ;p

But then I guess that's ok, bec. these types of longganisa (recado) are very flavorful and tasty, just enough for the rice

This Adobong Kangkong doesn't taste like adobo, but that's fine with me, (basta may gulay lang) ;)

Vigan Longganisa w/ Iced Tea (P150), Alaminos (P99), Adobong Kangkong (P50) Plus 8% Charge Total bill of P322 

Btw, they also sell frozen longganisa.

Few spaces for parking, but we noticed that parking is also allowed across the street.

The next day, Saturday we were in Tiendesitas, we hope to try Three Sisters Pancit but we are told that it is not available, so then I bought from Pancit ng TagaMalabon, while M bought from Aysee, I told him they are famous for their Pork Sisig (P130) , he said it was just ok.  

 I love anything pancit , maybe bec I grew up eating pancit more than spag ;p



  1. uhm, breakfast lover here :) and i'm pushing myself to wake up early on sundays to have breakfast and to account each of them.

    p.s. i'm drooling over that sinfully good-looking sisig

  2. you should add kapitolyo on your list :)



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