Weekend: Edible Gumamela

My mom prepared this salad, I thought it was so girlaloo with all the flowers. then she told us it is edible. Really?!  It is somewhat slimy and taste like lettuce. I googled it and turns out  Hibiscus or Gumamela appears to have anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants. :)

First time to try this cassava cake from Lety's Buko Pie Store. It is very filling because it is very thick and not very soft, I like that it is also not overly sweet :)

Weekend with the family, simple celebration for tita's bday.
I missed eating pancit with a lot of squid balls and my fave 'kaong' in buko salad ;p

Happy birthday!


  1. now i know hibiscus is gumamela in english. I just heard it in one one of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. And its edible too

  2. very creative and colorful salad here ha, what was the dressing used?



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