Sherlock, Chefs Quarter, Yogorino

Watched 2nd episode (The Hounds of Baskerville) before going to work (mood preparation ;p)
Overly excited for next week's episode!!!!
But the thought that it will be the season finale ... huhuhu
Farewell lunch for officemate RR
Finally tried Tessie Tomas Salad @ Chefs Quarter Megamall, hmm its good

After one year in the office,  was able to buy from Watsons and cafeteria! LOLz  
And also discovered the Echo Store in the convenience store toinkz!
Last year I only tried Fruitas, Starbucks and Figaro outside.

Super good yogurt ice cream! (doesn't taste like yogurt) 
Carmela's treat ;)

Something I need in my life ;p 
"New Sherlock Holmes novel by Anthony Horowitz out in November
The House of Silk, written as tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle 81 years after his death, is narrated in first-person by Watson.
The answer, Watson, is elementary. The reason Sherlock Holmes’ latest adventure, The House of Silk, is only being published 81 years after the death of his creator Arthur Conan Doyle, and 106 years after his final story about the tenant of 221B Baker Street, is that the story was simply too shocking to reveal until now." Source

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