Jamba Juice

mike shared this status of one of his fb friends to me before w/c I find funny:
  "jumamba juice ka na ba? hindi bumonchon chicken pa lang" ^_^

From Little Asia, Venice Piazza, we went to Bonifacio High Street for Jamba Juice. After a long walk from where we parked, wee reached 7th Avenue and can't find it. So we asked the guard ;p turns out we just need to cross the street. ;p I wished I could have checked their site first for the map XD http://jambajuice.ph/index.php/branches/branch-title-here/

Actually mike was not feeling well, he spent the entire morning in hibernation mode. He was on leave (2 days vacation leave) while I worked from home. We only went out in the afternoon. So I suggested he order Coldbuster (orange juice, orange sherbet, peaches, bananas, immunity and antioxidant) More info on their site http://jambajuice.ph/ I hope to try other products ^_^

We had a great day ^_^ (Mike was claiming that the Jamba Juice made him feeling well)

Again happy birthday =D


  1. I still have to go there sometime. Grar. Any flavor suggestions? :)


  2. i would like to try their steel cut oatmeal =D

  3. yeah try their oatmeal!! loved the blueberry or apple cinnamon one :)

  4. @pinkcookies yeah saw from your blogpost, if I was not only full at that time ^_^



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