My 26th Birthday

We had a simple  yet lovely celebration at home =D 
Mocha Cake, Pancit Lucban, Chooks To Go (hope to update this when I got the pics from mom)
Thanks mom for the gift, my wishlist #2!
Later that afternoon, mike and I dine at Kogi Bulgogi, braved some spiciness lolz (my next post) 

Tried Caprice Milk Tea at Eastwood Cinema, it's good =D 

then we watched Sherlock Holmes 2! =D Last friday, I repeatedly watched the UK Sherlock Season 2 series, I super love it. Sherlock overload!

JAW DROPPING Movie FTW!!!  I love the slow-mo pursuit scene!
Thanks to my hon for the treat!

And lastly watched the latest One Piece episode when we got home =) 

Thanks everyone for the greetings especially FB friends. I'm not into facebooking lately. It's really heartwarming that near and far far away friends still take time to greet. ^_^

Happy gal ^_^  Thank God!

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