HayWire, Nachofast, Johnny Rockets

Thanks for my bunchkin for the fridate treat at Eastwood City ^_^

We were way too early for the movie time so we ate our movie snacks while waiting ;p

Nacho Combination Php170

Watched Haywire. Gina Carano looks like Xena (the warrior princess =D ) BUT BUT nothing beats my Angelina Jolie and this is not even comparable to Wanted or Salt.
The movie was OK at first (fast pace, believable fight scene, tense and nice plot) but then... it just ended like .... eh?
This movie made me search self defense video in youtube ;p

Johnny Rockets afterwards

Mike's verdict: HID burger is better
Original Burger and Chocolate Milkshake Php511

Happy Weekend!


  1. I wanna try Johnny Rockets too. How was it?

    P.S. You might want some cupcakes too during this love season.
    Check this out: http://yupiseunoia.blogspot.com/2012/02/blissful-bites.html

  2. hi yupi, nothing spectacular really =D joined ur giveaway =D



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