Weekend: Banana Cake, Korean Food

Weee! I baked a really good Banana cake! ehem ehem but honestly I find the pre mix too sweet for my taste.
I know,  I know, it doesn't look appetizing (as if someone shot it lol)
I added the chocoballs 3 mins before I toasted it a bit (i love toasted sides and top =D)

Long weekend for me, work at home almost every friday (and weekends too). =D 
So basically spent it at home except last Saturday when we need to go to Globe customer service (Megamall) because our tattoo myfi was not working for 2 days. And as suspected, the sim needs to be replaced =( but it's free of charge 

Afterwards, grabbed these in the grocery to satisfy my korean food cravings. ^_^

I added eggs and leeks. In real life they are orange in color XD 
Last time when we dine at Kogi Bulgogi, I discovered that kimchi gets along with hot noodles *drool*
Every sunday morning means 'One Piece' though nothing happened much in the episode today. 
I am very much tempted to read the manga! grr!

Excited for Monday (Sherlock!!!) wee! though I heard there will be tears after Sherlock's episode finale XD



  1. the last photo of your banana cake looks delicious! :D

  2. indeed, that photo was taken using htc phone, while the others from samsung galaxy y ^_^



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