Weekend Summary

Loong weekend =D
Last Sat, we visited my grandmom. I think its more than 10 years since I last seen her. =)

4 Days vacation at  Laguna also means 'real' home-cooked meal! Yeah! 
I slept a lot and played with our puppy. I even took a video


Our adorable furry friends =D
I want to name him Ace, from One Piece hehe. He's soooo cute!
Here's Max, a very friendly dog, everyone is his master.

Worked at home and at the same time preparing for House of Silk (mike review2x) ;)

Last Tuesday, we watched the season finale ;( Something to look forward in 2013 (looooong wait eh?!)  Btw, I changed my ringtone, downloaded from Sherlockology, #Fangirl

Back to manila now, Mike brought a large pan of budin! (cassava cake) yumyum

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