Little Asia at Venice Piazza

I can't imagine it's my first time at Venice Piazza LOLz 

At Little Asia

Kuchay dumplings P165 (they are big, looks like Gyoza)

Thai Eggplant P215 

Serving is good for two. The eggplants slices are big, dumplings size like big gyoza and I only finished 1/4 of the rice priced at P50/cup. I can't imagine mike finished his rice and mine lolz

Strolled a bit. Lovely day. I hope to get back there when their water canal is finished.

Before going home we search for Jamba Juice haha up next ;)
Just a simple celebration of mike's bday. ^_^

Happy Birthday! Mwahugs!

I decided to embed google maps ^_^. Going around Taguig (The Fort or McKinley) is very confusing! 

Little Asia, Venice Piazza Taguig City

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  1. Their tilapia fillet in honey-mustard sauce is a must try!

  2. oh really, next time ;p thanks for the visit, followd ur blog =D

  3. Thai eggplants looks yummy and healthy. Thanks for the healthy lunch ideas.

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